With this Dallas tragedy, we’re once again rocking with the same waves of shock and mourning that follow every act of hate and terror.  

And the talking heads perpetuate a vicious cycle of controversy and division.

Seldom can two individuals peacefully resolve their differences, so how can we expect a country so divided by race, politics, and religion (fueled by media) to work it out?

Where is God’s intervention?

We raise our hands to God, begging Him to intervene.  We wonder where He is, in the midst of the chaos and destruction.

I believe He’s always throwing us life preservers, in the form of individual callings on our lives.

He asks each and every one of us to grab a life vest – to respond, not to the endless stream of inciting words of others – especially in the media – but to the undercurrent of His Truth that whispers to us in the still and silence.  

He also sends us life boats in the form of dynamic, influential leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Saint Francis of Assissi – peacemakers.   We need people who inspire others toward true brotherly love, compassion, and forgiveness, those who can rise above to bring people together without stomping on others, those who have the ability to transcend a denominational world view.  Jesus showed us how.

Because so few people have stepped into these roles in history, we’re likely to believe they rarely exist.  I’m more inclined to believe people rarely accept the challenge.  It’s usually served with a great heaping side of personal cost and sacrifice…

So I pray for the writers, speakers, and leaders that are now being set aflame for our plight!  

When we feed our worldly nature instead of our divine nature, we suffer a worldly fall…

I recently watched The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and O.J.: Made in America, both riveting accounts of race relations in America over the past few decades.  O.J., a gifted and all-around beloved sports figure and actor, had an opportunity in the ’70s to speak for the black community.   

O.J. said he should be viewed and judged by his character and deeds, not by the color of his skin…which is exactly the message the world needed to hear, and perhaps would’ve taken to heart!  But, since his celebrity left him mostly immune to the affects of race culture and bias, he chose to use the fruits of his gifts and talents only for himself.  

God gave him a voice and a calling, but He pursued selfish motives and desires. He had the opportunity to grow as a person and have a positive impact on society.  Often, the greater the gift and higher the stature, then the greater the calling and responsibility…

Tragically, O.J. reached the height of fame, then had the greatest fall.  And race relations…well.

Why should we step out on a limb?

If we each individually don’t step off the crazy cycle (reacting and/or engaging in the divisive rhetoric) and step into God’s will, we’ll each likely suffer a similar irony of our own implosion, collectively and individually.

We’re given gifts and opportunities to either help others or help ourselves.  So we must choose to either step up to our calling or sidestep it… Our choice determines our destiny.  

So, if your gift, your voice, can help lead people toward unity…please step up.  If you can speak for those who can’t, with Godly love and compassion, please answer the call.   

We’ve been praying for you, too.  


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